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    Has your library book ever vanished into thin air?  Don't worry, it happens to the best of us! Below is an idea list of where to look for lost library books. Thank you for your help in returning all books to our shelves.



    Where to Look for Lost Library Books

    At school:

    • At your desk/your friend’s desk
    • In your cubby/your friend’s cubby
    • In your backpack. Do have another backpack?
    • In your reading bag/bin
    • In the teacher’s book bins
    • Did you take it to another classroom? (Chorus? Afterschool Program? G&T? Robotics?)

     In the Car:

    • Under the seat
    • In the console
    • In the glovebox
    • In the trunk

    At home:

    • Under your bed/your brother or sister’s bed
    • On your bookshelf
    • In your closet
    • Under the couch
    • Inside the couch cushions
    • In a pile of papers


    • Do you stay overnight at a parent’s other house? Your grandparent’s /aunt/uncle’s house? Check with them.
    • Do you check out books from the public library? You may have returned the book to the wrong place. Call or visit the public library and ask if they have your book.