• "How people treat you is their karma, how you respond is yours." -Wayne Dyer

    Principal Bio Pic

    Anthony Benjamin- Principal


    Mr. Benjamin was appointed principal of Somerville Middle School in July 2019. Mr. Benjamin has over nineteen years in education. Most recently Mr. Benjamin served as principal for five years at Bartle Elementary in Highland Park, NJ. Mr. Benjamin’s overall experience in education includes having served as a teacher and administrator/ principal at the elementary, middle and high school level in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Mr. Benjamin received a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in Education from Seton Hall University, and a second Master’s from Columbia University, where he also started the doctoral program in the Curriculum and Teaching department. He has since transferred into the doctoral program at Seton Hall University where he is completing coursework toward his doctorate.

     "Dont make yourself small so others feel more comfortable." -Rachel Hollis