• Hi and welcome to our classroom website.  I am Mrs. Sarah Martin and am currently a fourth grade teacher of special education here at Van Derveer Elementary School, a school with over 800 students. 


    Unlike Van Derveer, my elementary school was much smaller.  With approximately 200 students, Hazelwood Elementary School may have had fewer students, but the quality of education was top notch.  I enjoyed social studies and reading during my time there and especially loved the fourth grade.  It was around that time that I began to take an interest in recreational sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball.  Learning to play the piano in elementary school is also a fond memory. 

    My admiration for my elementary teachers and my mother, a teacher herself, inspired me to eventually pursue a career in the teaching profession. 


    After middle school and high school, I graduated from The College of New Jersey, a school known for its exceptional teaching program.  The irony is that I did not major in education at that time.  Graduating with a degree in English, I earned my diploma and ventured off into the corporate world.  Four years later, I would discover my real passion involved educating others. 


    I went back to college for additional credits and experience to become a certified teacher, completing my student teaching requirement in a fourth grade class in Jersey City.  It was at this time that I realized that being in the classroom was exactly what I wanted to do.  I enjoyed interacting with my fourth graders and also recognized the challenges of being an elementary teacher.  After this, I welcomed the opportunity to become a teacher at Van Derveer Elementary School.  I am proud to say that for seven years I have enjoyed teaching the young students of Somerville.  This is my fifth year working with Mrs. Meyers and I believe we make a good team.   


    My interests outside of school include spending time with my family, reading, and playing softball. I also enjoy traveling and have been to four European countries: Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, and England.  I will soon complete work for my Master’s degree since I feel that continuing education is important in all fields of endeavor. 
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