•                         WELCOME
    Welcome to the Preschool ABA class!  This class consists of children between the ages of three to five years old.  There is a classroom teacher and assistants.  Although we are a preschool class we are housed in Van Derveer Elementary School.  We are a full day program that teaches based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Each student receives individualized instruction as well as instruction in group activities.  Our program emphasizes language acquisition and the management of challenging behaviors.
    Our Schedule:
    8:45-9:00   Arrival and unpack
    9:00-9:15   Books, puzzles or coloring
    9:15-9:30   Walk to do attendance at the nurse's office and lunch count at the cafeteria
    9:30-10:00   Circle Time
    10:00-10:15   Snack
    10:15-11:00   Intensive Teaching
    11:00-11:30   Art Project/Independent Activity
    11:35-12:15   Specials (gym/music, art, computers)
    12:20-1:05   Lunch/Recess
    1:05-1:30   Circle Time/Story
    1:30-1:45   Outside Walk/Group Exercise
    1:45-2:15   Intensive Teaching
    2:15-2:35   Sensory/Group Manding
    2:40-2:45   Pack up/goodbye song
    2:45-3:00    Bus
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