• Boys Head Coach: Harry James
    Coach Harry
    High School Fencing: Somerville High School
    College Fencing: Drew University

    Coaching Experience: Drew University, Somerville High School, Sebastiani Fencing Academy

    Coach Harry learned to fence when he joined the Somerville High fencing team in 1974, and later became the team captain and MVP.  He went on to fence for four years at Drew University and later became captain and MVP of his college team as well.  Coach Harry was the assistant coach at Drew University after graduating college.  In 1993 he became a coach at Somerville High School, and currently coaches professionally at Sebastiani Fencing Academy.  He was NJIFA and Star Ledger Coach of the Year in 2003, and has received the NJSIAA Sport Award for Fencing.  During his more than 20 years of scholastic coaching he has lead the team to individual, squad, and team championships.  He is the author of the book Strength training for Fencers.  He is a USFA certified fencing referee, and a member of USFA and USFCA. 
    Girls Head Coach: Molly James
    Molly coach  
    High School Fencing: Somerville High School
    College Fencing: Drew University

    Coaching Experience: Somerville High School 

    Coach Molly began fencing when she joined the Somerville High School team in 1977. While a student at Drew University, she fenced for the women's fencing team her Freshman and Sophomore year.  When the women's team was dissolved, she chose to continue her University fencing career as the only woman fencing for the men's team.  She started as a Varsity member her Junior and Senior year. Coach Molly was the MVP of the women's team her Sophomore year, and the men's team her Senior year. 
    Coach Molly began coaching at SHS in 1985 after graduating from Drew University. She is a three time NJIFA Coach of the Year - 2001, 2010, 2012, and received the NJSIAA Sport Award for Fencing. During her nearly 30 year tenure, she has led the team to individual, squad and team finals and championships. Coach Molly loves the sport and competition, and continues to compete regionally and nationally. 

    Assistant Coach: Stephen Stilianos 

    Stilianos Epee  Stilianos foil

    High School Fencing: Newfield High School
    College Fencing: Penn State University Fencing Club

    Coaching Experience: Central Bucks High School West, Central Bucks High School East, Liberty Fencing Club, Somerville High School

    Mr. Stilianos learned to fence foil as a freshman on the Newfield High School fencing team. and continues to compete in USFA tournaments, primarily in foil and epee.  In college he competed with the Penn State University Fencing Club, and was part of an undefeated foil team in the Baltimore-Washington Collegiate Fencing Conference.  While president, he helped train incoming freshmen and developed an interest in coaching.  As a teacher at Central Bucks West, Mr. Stilianos coached the school fencing club, expanded the club to the East high school, and added an epee and saber program.   In addition to running the clubs at the high schools, he also taught foil classes at Liberty Fencing Club for three years.  Now living in New Jersey and teaching at Somerville High School, Mr. Stilianos is committed to coaching for both the men's and women's fencing teams.