2020 Lax
    Opening Day Friday March 6th 3:15 Turf 2. 
    Practice #2 Saturday March 7th 745 -1030 Turf 2. 
    ---2020 Practices will be help on Field 2 from 3:15- 5:30pm 6 days a week; Mon-Sat; Sat is usually in the morning hours.
    ---Players are asked to be completely ready and starting warm up lap at 3:15.
    ---Please notify coach verbally if a player has any serious health issues like life threatening allergies, etc. so that both coaches can be most aware
    ---See Daily Equipment checklist below
    Daily Equipment Checklist: No jewelry (includes soft bracelets, fitness trackers, watches), stick, mouthguard, goggles, sneakers/turfs, gloves (optional), practice clothing for all types of weather and both indoor and outdoor conditions, pratice shirts/ jackets/bookbag pinney (once handed out) 
    Somerville Colors and or gear (other Ville sport gear is fine) should be worn at practices 
    Head Coach - Kelly Connolly     kconnolly@somervilleschools.org 
    Assistant Coach - Jaimie Peterson