• Mission Statement

    Somerville Public Schools provide the highest quality education that promotes individual excellence, whole child development, and equity for all students.


    Core Values/Beliefs

    1. We believe that children learn best in a challenging, motivating, safe, secure, nurturing, encouraging, and respectful environment that fosters a love of lifelong learning.

    2. We believe in providing learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of each individual child.

    3. We believe that the mosaic of every child includes the fine arts, STEAM, and extracurricular activities.

    4. We believe that professional development is essential to the fabric of the teaching profession allowing teachers to build on current practices and constantly improve instruction.

    5. We believe in a collaborative approach to learning and engagement that includes students, district employees, parents, community members, and community partnerships.


    Strategic Themes

    Strategic Themes were established at the September 15, 2020 Board of Education Meeting in an effort to identify areas of focus for the district's five-year strategic plan (#VISION2025), which included taking into account the Core Beliefs and revised Mission Statement.   The Board developed these themes and year 1 targets after a careful review of all data and information collected through the strategic plan survey completed by students, parents, staff, and community members.  Subsequent annual goals will be established each year at the Board of Education Summer Workshop and approved by Board resolution.  Ongoing input and feedback is welcomed via email or through Talk with Tim.   


    VISION2025 Strategic Themes and Annual Goals


    1.  Supporting Social-Emotional and Mental Health Needs

    Year 1 Goal (2020-2021):  To implement the Second Step program for grades K-8 and Teen Mental Health First Aid for grades 9-12.

    Status:  IN PROGRESS


    2.  Building Cultural Competency and Equity

    Year 1 Goal (2020-2021):  To create equity teams in each school building, while training a cohort of high school teachers in the restorative practices model. 

    Status:  IN PROGRESS


    3.  Providing Student-Centered Counseling Services, Supports, Guidance, and Programs

    Year 1 Goal (2020-2021):  To develop career profiles for students in grades 6-12 in conjunction with guidance counselors providing individual and small group counseling sessions along with conducting classroom visits. 

    Status:  IN PROGRESS


    4.  Improving Student Academic Achievement

    Year 1 Goal (2020-2021):  To implement benchmark assessments in Language Arts and Mathematics in grades K-12 and track student progress. 

    Status:  IN PROGRESS