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    2016-17 WIG

    SHS Nov16 Update
    February 2017 Update

    "Promote and Guide Social Responsibility for the 21st Century Learner"

    The result of the most recent student survey in February resulted in an overall average of 3.71.  The survey yielded a slight decrease as compared to the previous survey average of 3.74.  While most areas have seen a slight decrease in change, attention should be drawn to an increase in the areas of personal decision making and digital citizenship.  These areas, particularly personal decision making, are consistent with social responsibility driven instruction in the classroom.  We are optimistic that we will reach our overall goal of 4.0 and hope to see an increase in all areas on the final survey in the month of May. Of note, this survey was successful in gathering 753 respondents; 226 less than the survey administered in September.

    SHS Nov16 Update  

    "Promote and Guide Social Responsibility for the 21st Century Learner"

    November 2016 Update 

    In previous years, Somerville High School’s Wildly Important Goals (WIG) have focused on data collection in support of engaging our students in lessons on 21st Century skills.  Our Chromebook initiative in the 2015-2016 school year provided a foundation and set us on a path to dive deeper into practices that support creative instructional delivery methods and learning.  Similarly, student understanding of how to appropriately engage in these skills are of equal importance.  Therefore, to remain consistent in honing our students’ 21st Century skill set, data collection for the 2016-2017 school year is focusing on promoting and guiding social responsibility for the 21st Century learner. 

    In our efforts to measure this WIG, a baseline of what students already know regarding social responsibility was established using an 8 question survey related to personal decision making, digital citizenship, academic integrity, character education, community involvement, and perceptions of overall student interactions and school programs.  A  Likert scale (1 = strongly disagree and 5 = strongly agree) was used to measure each student's response.  The result was an overall average of 3.74.   Instructional support of the WIG will continue to be infused into teacher lessons throughout the school year and progress will be measured using student surveys administered in February and May of 2017.  Successful completion of the goal will be determined if students demonstrate an understanding of social responsibility by attaining a minimum overall average score of 4 on the May survey.




    Somerville High School WIG 2015-2016
    "Infuse 21st Century Technology to research, collaborate, and communicate" 

     SHS WIG Update

    May 2016 Update
    We have reached the conclusion of the 2015-2016 school year and our data collection is complete on methods of instructional delivery through the use of applications that promote research, collaboration, and communication using 21st Century Technology.  Staff was surveyed for a final time during the month of May on the use of sixteen different technology instructional delivery applications.  Looking back on the February data, the result yielded only a one-tenth increase from the previous survey.  As noted, this was an unexpected outcome that we deemed as positive.  Our teachers are using additional applications not included in the survey and although we did not, and will not, reach our desired goal; our teachers took the WIG in a positive direction that was not anticipated.   The May survey yielded similar results.  In fact, the overall average for May using the sixteen survey applications was slightly down to 2.23 with a year-end average of 2.24.  However, this survey’s unexpected outcome yielded an astounding number of “other” instructional applications in use.  In addition to the survey applications, teachers used 66 different applications to assess or deliver instruction.  This unexpected outcome in support of our building WIG serves as evidence that technology use in the classroom is thriving and will continue to grow in the years to come.      




    Survey Data – Other Category 
    Cam Scanner app for PDF files
    CK-12 Free
    Counselor response
    Discovery Education
    Document Cameras
    Fluency Tutor
    g(math) editor
    Geometer Sketch Pad
    Google Blog
    Google Forms
    Google Sheets
    Google Voice
    Graphing calculator
    HR Block
    Khan Academy
    Learning Pod
    Music Therory
    Online calculator www.web2.0calc.com
    Pearson Portal
    Pearson video tutorials
    Phet simulators
    Pop Culture Universe
    TI Software
    TV5 the French TV station
    Voice Thread
    Web 2.0 calc.com

     SHS WIG Update FEB
    February 2016 Update

    Our instructional staff has embraced technology in support of student learning in the 21st Century.  We continue to expose our teachers to the many different educational applications of technology by offering in district professional development as well as time to collaborate and share ideas on best instructional practices when infusing this technology.   Staff was once again surveyed for the frequency of engagement in sixteen different technology applications.  The survey deemed an increase in usage by just one-tenth of a percent from the November survey.  Upon further analysis as to why this increase was not as significant as expected, we discovered that our instructional staff took our building WIG in a different direction; a direction that the high school administration did not anticipate.  In addition to the sixteen applications on the survey, the high school staff has been exploring and implementing other applications which has yielded an increase in the quantity of applications.  At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, these sixteen applications were most popular and most frequently used.  Although these applications are still used consistently, staff has implemented other technologies in support of our building WIG.  This unexpected positive outcome has been the result of our efforts to provide staff with professional development and collaboration opportunities to learn the best application to fit the needs of their instructional delivery and their students.  Although this may halt the original goal of a combined 3.5 average by May, it is still having a positive impact on student learning in the 21st Century.


    Infusing 21st Century Technology February Survey



    Other educational technology applications used by Somerville High School Teachers: Bitstrips, Cam Scanner app for PDF files, Ck12.org, ClassFlow, Classzone (pearson online textbook), Counselor response, Diigo, Discovery Education, Document Cameras, Duolingo, EdPuzzle, Fluency Tutor, g(math) editor, Geogebra, Google Voice, IXL.com, Kahoot, Khan Academy, Knewton, Mindmup, Nearpod, Newsela, online calculator www.web2.0calc.com, Padlet, PearDeck, Pearson video tutorials, Phet simulators, Pixton, Powtoon, prezi, Quizlet, recordmp3online, StoryBird, Symbaloo , TV5 the French TV station, Wordreference, Ziggy


    SHS NOV 2015 WIG  

     November 2015 Update

    The 2015-2016 Somerville High School WIG focuses on methods of instructional delivery through the use of applications that promote research, collaboration, and communication using 21st  Century Technology.  A staff survey was created to measure the frequency of engagement in sixteen different technology applications.  Using a 5 point scale, staff rates the frequency of their use for each application as an instructional resource.  The scale ranges from Almost Always (5), Often (4), Sometimes (3), Seldom (2), and Never (1) and is taken during the months of November, February, and May.  As evidenced by our survey data, November yielded a combined average frequency of 2.2 out of a possible 5.  Our goal is to reach a combined average frequency of 3.5.   Our 1:1 Chromebook initiative will serve as an invaluable tool when engaging our students and staff in these applications and we will continue to provide support along the way in fulfillment of our Wildly Important Goal. 


    November Survey

    SHS Nov WIG Data  


  • Somerville High School WIG 2014-2015
    Final Update
    We have reached the conclusion of the 2014 - 2015 school year and our data collection on student engagement and its correlation to student centered instructional methods is complete. Through our quarterly purpose driven walkthroughs the data indicates that 83% of our students were highly engaged in meaningful student centered instructional activities surpassing our goal by 8%.  Moreover, the data indicates that varied instructional modalities were used to deliver all levels of instruction. The Somerville High School staff and administration is dedicated to providing our students with best practice methods to engage students in meaningful content driven conversations no matter what modality is presented.  Furthermore, we will continue to focus on the creation of lessons that focus on a student’s role in the learning process.  
     SHS WIG Final
     SHS WIG  
      Instructional Modalities

    February WIG Update:  
    Our staff remains focused on meeting our Wildly Important Goal.  Upon completion of second quarter purpose driven walkthroughs we have seen an increase in high level student engagement and a decrease in the areas of low and emerging levels.   This data serves as evidence that our staff has been engaging in the creation of content rich lessons that focus on a student’s role in the learning process.   Our ongoing collection of data on student engagement and its correlation to student centered instructional methods will continue to be analyzed as we strive to reach and surpass our goal of 75%.  
     SHS WIG - February

     November WIG Update:
    Somerville High School’s Wildly Important Goal is focused on student engagement as measured through Purpose Driven Walkthroughs.  Each quarter the high school administrative team conducts classroom walkthroughs of all teaching staff with one “look for,” student engagement.  Data is then gathered on levels of student engagement (Low, Emerging, or High) from each walkthrough.  This data, coupled with instructional delivery methods such as discovery, project, or lecture based, is then analyzed and used to determine best practices as it relates to student engagement. 
    November WIG Update